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113 Mins

Winner of the Venice Grand Jury Prize and eight Israeli Ophir Awards, Foxtrot is a thrillingly inventive, tragic and funny examination of Israeli military culture.

When Michael and Dafna are visited by army officials, who inform them of the death of their soldier son, the couple is devastated. Michael’s grief leads to anger and frustration, until a strange twist sets the narrative on its head, leading to a dizzying exploration of history and fate. Maoz won the Venice Golden Lion for his superb debut film, Lebanon (SFF 2010), set almost entirely in a tank. Here his view is more expansive, and Foxtrot zips back and forth in time and place, incorporating animation, music and an unforgettable dance sequence. Laced with irony and humour, and intellectually and viscerally powerful, Foxtrot is a meticulously crafted and beautifully acted film.

Lebanon director Samuel Maoz went in a risky direction by making a film as different and daring as Foxtrot, and his boldness pays off in ways that make one reach for superlatives… Brilliantly constructed with a visual audacity that serves the subject rather than the other way around, this is award-winning filmmaking on a fearless level. – Jay Weissberg, Variety

In Foxtrot, an intriguing jewel box of a film, Israeli writer-director Samuel Maoz creates an elegant allegory of self-examination and the unmaking of myth, employing symbolism, theatricality and misdirection to question some of the most reassuring stories his home country tells itself. – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post