Lights in the Dusk
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Lights in the Dusk

Sat Jun 16 10:00 AM

Art Gallery of NSW
General Admission
78 Mins
Sat Jun 16

A man, two women, a robbery and a dog provide the elements of this typically terse and appealing romance; a story of crime, punishment and devotion.

Kaurismäki cast new actors for this comedy-drama, the last instalment of his ‘Finland’ trilogy. Janne Hyytiäinen plays a lonely security guard who falls for a woman (Maria Järvenhelmi) he meets in a café, unaware that she is involved in the robbery of a jewellery story he’s supposed to be guarding. Only later does our mournful hero discover his true love (Maria Heiskanen), who sells sausages from a mobile van.

              – David Stratton, Retrospective Curator 


Brilliantly efficient storytelling… the sumptuous palette and the closed but beautifully composed frames evoke a strange nostalgia. – Jonathon Trout, BBC

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Sat Jun 16

Art Gallery of NSW

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