Maya the Bee: The Honey Games
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Maya the Bee: The Honey Games

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General Admission
All Ages
83 Mins

Maya the plucky bee returns in this charming animated adventure. A colourful tale of buzzy derring-do for kids aged three and up, directed by top Sydney animators.

Bubbly Maya (voiced by Coco Jack Gillies – Oddball, Mad Max: Fury Road) is set a challenge when she accidentally embarrasses the Empress of Buzztropolis. The little bee must win the prestigious Honey Games to save her hive’s honey harvest. With her best friend Willi (Benson Jack Anthony) beside her, she meets her ragtag team, including old friends Arnie and Barnie (David Collins and Shane Dundas of The Umbilical Brothers). She also encounters a jealous bee called Violet, who’s determined her team will come out on top. Maya eventually learns how to get the best from her insect crew, with a little advice from Flip (Richard Roxburgh) and his band, and Justine Clark as the wise Queen Bee.

Suitable for ages 3 and up