Pick of the Litter
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Pick of the Litter

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General Admission
All Ages
80 Mins

We follow the two-year journey, from birth through training to graduation, of five Labrador puppies destined to become guide dogs for the blind.

At eight weeks old, a litter of puppies is distributed to volunteer ‘puppy raisers’ responsible for training and socialising the dogs. Some handlers are experienced and others nervous first-timers. The pups are an equally mixed bag – two girls, three boys, black and golden, rowdy and shy. They are evaluated throughout their growing years, before starting an intensive training course. We also meet two people with low vision, waiting patiently for a new dog. The film demonstrates the independence that guide dogs can provide as it delves into the dog-human affinity.

While Pick of the Litter stands out for its canine characterisations, it's fundamentally a film about the endlessly fascinating, constantly evolving relationship between dogs and humans. – Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter