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The Deminer

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83 Mins

The Deminer is an edge-of-your-seat portrait of a bomb disposal expert in Iraq. Winner of a Jury Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Colonel Fakhir is committed to making his homeland a safer place for everyone, but he has very few tools to help in this hazardous task. He tackles booby traps and mines with a penknife and garden pliers, even his bare hands. Watching our hero stride into the danger zone is the stuff of action movies: the clock ticking, the mobile phone detonator primed. Fakhir shot much of the nerve-wracking footage himself. A Kurdish man serving in the Iraqi army and a loving father of eight, Fakhir’s successful ‘de-mining’ makes him an Al-Qaeda target. Despite this hefty threat, he doggedly continues, as his family waits in fear and pride.

In some ways a non-fiction counterpart to Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar winner The Hurt Locker. – Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

Subtle and intriguing, showing the beauty of light as it plays against these cruel killing fields. – Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International