The Match Factory Girl
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The Match Factory Girl

Sun Jun 10 12:30 PM

Art Gallery of NSW
General Admission
68 Mins
Sun Jun 10

A factory worker is exploited not only by her employers but also by her family and friends – until she stands up for herself.

The spirit of French director Robert Bresson hovers over this beautifully made yet sad little story about one of life’s losers. Kati Outinen plays the eponymous heroine who lives with her mother and stepfather, who spend her earnings and treat her badly. At the dancehall she’s a perennial wallflower. Then she meets a man, but a one-night stand proves no solution to her troubles.

              – David Stratton, Retrospective Curator 


Although it is about a depressed woman, it is always challenging us… He makes no conventional attempt to ‘entertain’. That's why he's so entertaining. – Roger Ebert 

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Sun Jun 10

Art Gallery of NSW

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