Black Panther Woman
Black Panther Woman

Black Panther Woman

Director: Rachel Perkins
Country: Australia
Runtime: 52 mins
Language: English
Premiere Status: World Premiere

In 1971, Marlene Cummins, a vivacious Indigenous teen, was a member of Brisbane's short-lived chapter of the Black Panthers, a global Black revolutionary movement. Her first love was the group's founder, the deadly-eyed and sharp-talking Dennis Walker. The Panthers spoke of Black Power and equality, but this didn't extend to the women in the group. Many on the frontline paid a hefty price for their loyalty to the cause. Thirty years on, Marlene is invited to speak at a conference of ex-Panthers from around the world, an opportunity to finally share her memories. This is a disturbing story, told with great sensitivity by director Rachel Perkins.

Rachel Perkins' filmmaking work spans documentary, TV drama series, telemovies and feature films. Her directing credits include Redfern Now, Mabo (SFF 2012), Bran Nue Dae, One Night the Moon, First Australians and Radiance (SFF 1998).


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Year: 2014
Classification: 18+
Producer: Rachel Perkins
Cinematographer: Kim Batterham
Editor: Rochelle Oshlack
Company Credits: Distributor: SBS International
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