Lust for Sight

When a filmmaker is told by his doctor that he can’t see colours, he sets out to define what it means to see. The knowledge that he may lose it all fuels his lust for sight.

Director Manuel von Stürler (Winter Nomads, SFF 2015) takes us on an autobiographical journey to find the origins of his encroaching blindness and discover who really knows what he can actually see – his doctors or himself. It’s an intimate and compelling experience, shot in a way that draws us deep into his viewpoint as an artist losing a vital sense.

As we explore his options for treatment and the impact on his friendships, von Stürler visits an island where one in three inhabitants inherit the same condition he has, discovering kindred spirits as they share their coping mechanisms. This is a gripping insight to an unsettling truth, that what you see is often not what I see.

Festival Guest: Manuël von Stürler

This session is open captioned. If there is an introduction and Q&A this will be Auslan interperated.

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Manuel von Stürler

Switzerland, France

84 mins

French and English with English subtitles

Australian Premiere

La Fureur de Voir



Manuel von Stürler, Claude Muret

Jean-Stéphane Bron, Adrian Blaser, Alexandre Cornu

Production Company: Bande à part Films