Holy Air

In this clever comedy, a Nazareth businessman must negotiate with the holy city's rulers, gangsters and his own family when he tries one last idea to get rich, selling 'holy air'.

Adam (writer and director Shady Srour) is a Christian Arab with an ailing father and pregnant wife. With a string of failed business ideas behind him and in urgent need for cash, Adam comes upon one last brilliant idea: Holy Air. Taking to the streets and selling to tourists the very air that the Virgin Mary breathed is a sure-fire winner. But a venture like this will require the cooperation of the three powerful religious cultures ruling Nazareth, and the accompanying politicians, officials and gangsters. Skilfully conveying the political and religious tensions of the region, Srour has a wonderful ability to use single images to great effect in this very funny and witty film.

The focus on an Israeli community in which Christians, Jews and Muslims co-exist gives the film a distinctive flavour which sets it apart from much of the other cinema from the region; with its Nazareth backdrop and deadpan approach, the film most closely resembles Elia Suleiman's Divine Intervention. – Wendy Ide, ScreenDaily

A colorful snapshot of modern-day Nazareth, Holy Air examines the complicated emotions that go into living as a modern, progressive family on the world's most spiritual ground. … Srour and Eïdo deliver remarkable and unflinching performances in this endearing comedy on spirituality, ideology, and survival—and which of the three must be sacrificed to preserve the others. – Jule Rozite, Tribeca Film Festival

Festival guest: Shady Srour

Travelling Film Festival Newcastle, June 23 - 25: Tickets also available for Holy Air at TFF Newcastle.


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Shady Srour


81 mins

Arabic, English, French, Hebrew and Italian with English subtitles

Hawa Moqaddas



Shady Srour

Ilan Moskovitch, Shady Srour

Daniel Miller

Naaman Bishara

Shady Srour, Laetitia Eido, Shmulik Calderon

Middle East, Features, Comedy, Politics & Economics, Religion & Belief

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