Tehran Taboo

A dazzling animation that looks at the sex lives of young Iranians in a society of strict religious laws and prohibitions, straight from screening at Cannes Critics’ Week.

Daring both in subject and technique, Tehran Taboo looks at the lives of Iranians who must negotiate a perilous path in order to express their individuality and their sexuality. Pari, a sex worker who frequently takes her young son on the job, finds an apartment through an arrangement with a judge at the religious court. There she meets Sara, a pregnant wife who wishes to pursue a career. There’s also the musician Babak, who finds himself in a predicament when, after a one night stand, the woman demands that he pay for an operation to restore her virginity in time for her impending wedding.

Using the rotoscoping technique, director Soozandeh shot actors live, and then created extensive, impressive animated backgrounds. Uncompromising in its determination to highlight hypocrisy, Tehran Taboo creates a compelling and vivid portrait of a city of contradictions.

[T]his wily account of 20-something Iranians negotiating an assault course of laws and prohibitions to get their kicks fizzes with energy and bad behaviour. – Wendy Ide, Screen International

Animation proves a cunning technical choice in the German-Austrian production Tehran Taboo, a first feature written and directed by Ali Soozandeh. Like Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud's 2007 Persepolis, it offers just enough distance to explore the highly charged theme of sexual and personal freedom in Iran without salaciousness. – Deborah Young

A transgressive explosion – Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

SubtitledWheelchair Access
Group 10+  (Minimum: 10 tickets)
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Ali Soozandeh

Germany, Austria

Persian with English subtitles

Australian Premiere

Téhéran Tabou



Ali Soozandeh

Frank Geiger, Ali Samadi Ahadi, Mark Fencer, Armin Hofmann, Antonin Svoboda, Bruno Wagner

Martin Gschlacht

Frank Geiger, Andrea Mertens

Elmira Rafizadeh, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, Arash Marandi

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