Ali's Wedding

Ali's arranged marriage is looming, but he loves someone else. What's a Muslim cleric's son to do? This Australian comedy won an AWGIE for Best Original Screenplay.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Ali's Wedding is based on the real-life experience of lead actor Osamah Sami, whose arranged marriage lasted less than two hours. The smart screenplay by Sami and Andrew Knight (Hacksaw Ridge, Rake, Jack Irish) tells a humorous, authentic and poignant tale about family life in multicultural Australia. Stylishly directed by Jeffrey Walker (Modern Family, Angry Boys), the film boasts a terrific cast including Don Hany as Ali's father and delightful newcomer Helana Sawires as Dianne, the Lebanese-Australian medical student who sends Ali's heartbeat racing. The time is right for a feelgood winner like Ali's Wedding.

Festival guests: Jeffrey Walker, Osamah Sami and members of the film team

Talk: Filmmakers behind Australia Day and Ali's Wedding take part in Diversity on Australian Screens on Friday 16 June in the Festival Hub, starting at 6.00 pm

Travelling Film Festival Newcastle, June 23 - 25: Tickets also available for Ali's Wedding at TFF Newcastle.

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Winner of the 2017 Foxtel Movie Audience Award - Best Feature

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Jeffrey Walker


110 mins

Farsi, Arabic and English with English subtitles



Andrew Knight, Osamah Sami

Sheila Jayadev, Helen Panckhurst

Don McAlpine

Geoffrey Lamb

Osamah Sami, Don Hany, Frances Duca

Special Presentations, Biography, Comedy, Middle East, Religion/Belief, Politics & Economics, Religion & Belief

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