Connection to Country

The Indigenous people of the Pilbara battle to preserve Australia's 40,000-year-old cultural heritage from the ravages of a booming mining industry.

In the heart of Western Australia's Pilbara region sits the Burrup Peninsula (or Murujuga). It is host to the largest concentration of rock art in the world, dating back over 40,000 years. It's a dramatic and ancient landscape so sacred that some parts shouldn't be looked upon at all, except by Traditional Owners. Waves of industrialisation and development threaten sites all over the region, but the people of the Pilbara - forever connected to country, forever responsible – are fighting back. Documenting the rock art, recording sacred sites and battling to get their unique cultural heritage recognised, 'digitised' and celebrated.

Festival guests: Tyson Mowarin and Robyn Marais

This film is nominated for the Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary:

Screens with: Finding Maawirrangga
Wheelchair Access

Tyson Mowarin


57 mins

English and Ngarluma with English subtitles



Robyn Marais, John Moore, Tyson Mowarin

Robyn Marais

Torstein Dyrting

Lindi Harrison, Cristian Broadhurst

Indigenous & First Nations, Documentary Australia Foundation Award, Politics & Economics, Environmental, World Premieres

Distributor: ABC Commercial