David Wenham's feature film directorial debut is a touching love letter to Sydney. This World Premiere is an improvised experiment about the random meeting of two strangers.

Conceived, workshopped and shot in just ten days, Ellipsis begins with an accidental meeting between Viv (Emily Barclay; Prime Mover, 2009) and Jasper (Benedict Samuel) on the streets of Sydney. The two literally bump into each other, leading to conversation, a coffee and a nightlong adventure. They travel through the city from Bondi to Kings Cross, from a sex shop to bars and parks revealing more to each other and growing closer. Reminiscent of Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, Ellipsis is refreshing and a great deal of fun, taking full advantage of its improvisational, loose nature. It's an affecting and longing love letter to Sydney at its most seductive: at night.

Festival guest: David Wenham

Talk: Join David Wenham and David Stratton for the 2017 Ian McPherson Memorial Lecture on Monday 12 June, 4.00 pm


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Screens with: Beyond the Bubble
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David Wenham


85 mins




David Wenham, Benedict Samuel, Emily Barclay, Gabrielle Wendelin

David Wenham, Liz Kearney

Simon Morris

Nick Meyers

Emily Barclay, Benedict Samuel

Features, World Premieres, Comedy, Experimental

Distributor: CinemaPlus