Game of Death

Fresh from SXSW comes a skull-smashing splatterfest about an evil board game that forces its teenage players to become serial killers. 'Snakes and Ladders' was never like this.

Game of Death takes the trusty kill-or-be-killed premise to fabulously blood-soaked extremes. It all starts with seven young party animals chillaxing on a sunny afternoon. The mayhem starts as soon as someone says 'hey, let's play this goofy-looking retro board game I just found.' Cue a swift descent into hell as the pals realise they have to kill a lot of people quick-smart or one by one their heads will explode. Orchestrating more than a simple cavalcade of highly entertaining violence, first-time feature directing duo Laurence 'Baz' Morais and Sébastien Landry pack in smart social commentary as these bratty millennials become more human – and inhuman – as the body count mounts.

Managing to wring some lively variations on the kill-or-be-killed teenage psychodrama pioneered by Battle Royale and mainstreamed by The Hunger Games, Game of Death is more nasty fun than most viewers — at least those past voting age — will want to admit. – Dennis Harvey, Variety

A gruesome, head-splitting gore flick that abides by predetermined rules. Questions about existence first, visceral body-mutilating second. – Matt Donato, We Got This Covered

Screens with: The Doppel Chain
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Laurence ‘Baz' Morais, Sébastien Landry

Canada, France

73 mins




Sébastien Landry, Laurence ‘Baz' Morais, Edouard H. Bond

Philip Kalin-Hajdu, Pierre-Alexandre Bouchard, Mathias Bernard, Antoine Disle


Olivier Guillemette

Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman

Horror, Freak Me Out, Comedy

World Sales: Rockzeline