Hotel Salvation

An old man drags his busy son to Varanasi so that he may die and attain salvation there in a comedy about death that, at heart, is a delightful, poignant celebration of life.

Daya Kumar (Lalit Behl) believes that his end is near, so he tells his family that he wishes to die in the holy city of Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganges. The stubborn old man drags along his reluctant adult son Rajiv (Adil Hussain) and they check into the Hotel Salvation, where people come to die. But once there, Daya gets his lust for life back, making new friends with the other "dying" residents. Daya and Rajiv are forced to reconnect – both to each other and to the world around them. Described as an "arthouse take on the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", Hotel Salvation is a wonderfully accomplished film that captures the vibrancy and strangeness of Varanasi with gentle humour. It was awarded the UNESCO Prize at Venice for the film that best represents the values of peace and human rights.

Winner of the UNESCO Prize at Venice for the film that best represents the values of peace and human rights.

The film's appeal is, like an arthouse take on the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, that it treats aging and death with sympathy and dignity, shot through with eccentric humour. – Wendy Ide, ScreenDaily

An Indian comedy full of emotional depth and understated paradox. – Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

Festival guest: Shubhashish Bhutiani

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Shubhashish Bhutiani


99 mins

Hindi with English subtitles

Mukti Bhawan



Shubhashish Bhutiani, Asad Hussain

Sanjay Bhutiani, Sajida Sharma, Shubhashish Bhutiani

Michael McSweeney, David Huwiler

Manas Mittal

Adil Hussain, Lalit Behl, Geetanjali Kulkarni

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