Mrs K

A wildly enjoyable Tarantino-esque martial arts thriller. Veteran Hong Kong action star Kara Wai returns in kick-ass form as a housewife taking on the underworld.

Mrs K sees veteran martial arts star Kara Wai (Dragon) in her second come-back film with director Ho Yuhang (following At the End of Daybreak), alongside a cast of Asian cinema legends. Wai plays Mrs K, a former underworld player turned wealthy domestic goddess. When a stranger blackmails Mrs K about her past misdeeds she quickly gets rid of him, hoping it'll be the end of the matter. It's not – more unsavoury characters from her past show up and kidnap her daughter. Mrs K is forced out of her sheltered existence to punch and fly kick her way to redemption. With stylish action sequences, a touching story of familial loyalty and a luminous performance by Kara Wai, Mrs K is a thrilling, high-energy ride.

Given Mrs K's abundance of Tarantino-esque tropes – the spaghetti western theme, the talky stand-offs, the sporadic moments of splattering gore – it's perhaps safe to describe its Malaysian director Ho Yuhang as having delivered his ‘Jackie Brown Kills Bill'… Hong Kong veteran actor Kara Wai makes a cracking return to the action-movie roots that propelled her to fame in the 1970s and 1980s. – Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter

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Group 10+  (Minimum: 10 tickets)
Youth 15+ (15-17)
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Ho Yuhang

Malaysia, Hong Kong

97 mins

Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay with English subtitles



Ho Yuhang

Lina Tan, Lorna Tee, Ho Yuhang, Albert Lee

Teoh Gay Hian

Mun Thye Soo, Sharon Chong

Kara Wai, Simon Yam, Wu Bai

Asia, Crime, Women

World Sales: Emperor Motion Pictures