My Happy Family

52-year-old Manana's family is shocked when she announces that she's moving out to live in her own place. A dramatic, funny film from the directors of In Bloom (SFF 2013).

Married for thirty years and living with her husband, parents and two adult children, all seems to be going just fine for literature teacher Manana. When she packs her suitcase and announces that she is moving into her own apartment, her decision is met with disbelief by her family. Who or what has caused this momentous decision? Manana maintains her silence and enjoys a newly independent life, but cannot remain completely untouched by Georgian patriarchal society. Anchored by an astonishing lead performance by Ia Shugliashvili, My Happy Family is a touching, gently humorous look at a quest for personal freedom at a most unexpected stage in life.

Winner of the Firebird Award in the Young Cinema Competition, Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)

Directing duo Ekvtimishvili and Gross's much feted 2013 festival hit In Bloom showed how the lives of two young girls in the former Soviet republic of Georgia were subtly, and not so subtly, constrained by men. Set again in Tbilisi, this follow-up is a small jewel of a film that gives this women-in-a-man's-world viewpoint a generational shift. – Lee Marshall, ScreenDaily

My Happy Family is simply a gem. Quietly funny, profoundly observant, and possessed of a compassionate spirit, it plunges into the chaos of three generations coexisting beneath one roof, vividly drawing out distinctive characters. – Sundance Film Festival

NANA EKVTIMISHVILI and SIMON GROSS are a filmmaking team known collectively as 'Nana & Simon'. Individually they have made short films before collaborating on Fata Morgana (2007). The pair founded their own production company and co-directed In Bloom (SFF 2013), which won 30 international awards and was Georgia's 2014 Academy Award selection. My Happy Family is their second directorial collaboration.


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Nana & Simon

Germany, Georgia, France

119 mins

Georgian with English subtitles

Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi



Nana Ekvtimishvili

Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, Simon Gross

Tudor Vladimir Panduru

Stefan Stabenow

Ia Shugliashvili, Merab Ninidze, Berta Khapava

Official Competition, Women, Gender & Sexuality, Asia, Family, Features, Festival Award Winners

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