An intriguing murder mystery, Rage cleverly delves into the lives of three suspects living amongst strangers in various parts of Japan.

A murder scene in which a married couple has been killed and the word ‘rage' is written in blood on a wall: a year later, there are no leads. The film begins to follow three characters: there's a dockworker in Chiba, a gay man who starts a relationship in Tokyo, and a young survivalist in Okinawa. These mysterious men have worked their way into the lives of people who are drawn to them – and soon become subjects of suspicion. Director Lee Sang-il expertly raises the tension, but is just as concerned with creating a compelling drama about the relationships these men form in these communities. The result is an unusually complex and impressive whodunit.

Rage juggles the suspense mechanics so nimbly that each of the trio grow equally more suspect (as being the elusive killer) up to the last minute. Despite that compelling plot hook, however, this is not primarily a genre exercise. Rather, it's a drama about the universal thirst for connection and trust, one whose central characters are all nicely dimensionalized. – Dennis Harvey, Variety


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Sang-il Lee


142 mins

Japanese with English subtitles




Lee Sang-il

Genki Kawamura, Shinnosuke Usui

Norimichi Kasamatsu

Tsuyoshi Imai

Ken Watanabe, Kenichi Matsuyama, Mirai Moriyama

Features, Asia, Festival Award Winners, Crime, Queer Interest

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