The Party

Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Timothy Spall and Kristin Scott Thomas star in a tasty British black comedy about a fancy dinner party that doesn't go according to plan.

Respected British art house filmmaker Sally Potter (Orlando, SFF 1993; The Man Who Cried; The Tango Lesson) is the surprise writer-director of a fabulous farce that can proudly take its place in the 'dinner party from hell' hall of fame. Career politician Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is celebrating her promotion. Well, that's the plan, anyway. Things go hilariously downhill as soon as Janet's uber-cynical bestie, April (Patricia Clarkson, superb), and other perfectly dreadful guests arrive. Naturally everyone has something to hide and everyone's going to receive their just desserts long before the actual dessert arrives. Filmed in glorious monochrome, packed with zingers and paced like lightning, this "Party" is well worth RSVPing for.

A consummate drawing-room divertissement, played with relish by a dream ensemble … There's nothing to dislike about a film that gives Patricia Clarkson the chance to tell Cherry Jones that she's 'a first-rate lesbian and a second-rate thinker.' – Guy Lodge, Variety

Potter keeps the energy fizzing and the jokes crackling throughout the drama's short span, which unfolds in something like real time. Clarkson gets most of the sharpest lines, and delivers them with deadpan relish. 'Tickle an aromatherapist and you find a Nazi,' she scoffs. – Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

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Sally Potter


71 mins




Sally Potter

Christopher Sheppard, Kurban Kassam, Michael Manzi

Alexey Rodionov

Anders Refn, Emilie Orsini

Patricia Clarkson, Timothy Spall, Kristen Scott Thomas

Women, Special Presentations, Festival Award Winners, Politics & Economics, Gender & Sexuality, Comedy

Distributor: Madman Entertainment